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OrderGen Purchase Order Form

The OrderGen P.O. Software is a separate stand-alone module that allows users to create a purchase order without the need for several database entry forms. Click and edit everything directly on the purchase order screen. This program does not require the database program, OrderGen 2000, to be present on the system. The printed purchase order does, however, look exactly like the one created by the OrderGen Desktop database software.

Video: Setting Up Purchase Order Layout

Enter your email address to download the FREE TRIAL VERSION. Install and test it for up to 30 days. Contact support@sohosoftware.com if you have any questions.

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All data is edited by clicking directly on the form. The only exception is the tax percentages, which are input on a dialog before the print preview opens.

The PO Form supports up to 8 line items per PO. To change any item on the purchase order, simply click on the item. The user can edit either the value of any non-calculated item and the font, font-style, and color of any label or label group.

To load an existing purchase order, right-click anywhere to open the toolbar. This toolbar is used also to save the current PO under a new name, to add or change tax percentages, to open the help file, and to print the purchase order.

After loading an existing P.O., the data is imported to the form. The currently loaded file is always saved upon exit. Designed for a minimum screen size of 1024x768. Scrolls at 800x600. Does not depend on or integrate with OrderGen 2000. A trialware version with a 20-day trial and a 50 print (or print preview) limit is available at www.winsite.com and dozens of other software download sites.

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OrderGen P.O. Form Software

Users are encouraged to download a trial version and install and test it before purchasing a registration code through Paypal. You can use it for up to 20 days before you need to register.

Once the software is installed, there will be a link to purchase a license from within the software. The form will appear similar to the one below. At the time of this writing, the price is $19.97 USD.

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How to Get Your License Code

Once you have paid for a PO Form license, we will send a registration code that removes any Trial restrictions.

Open the software and right-click anywhere to open the toolbar...

purchase order form menu

Click on the "Help" button. A form that resembles the following opens...

about purchase order form 1.0

On the Help dialog is an 8-digit Serial Number (shown above circled in red).

Email that serial number to our staff at support@aasdt.com or support@sohosoftware.com.

We will  generate your registration code and send it to you by reply email. Once you have
applied this registration code, the software will NOT be restricted to Trial Mode.



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